Shirodhara Treatment

Offered only in the most elite spas, Shirodhara is a classical ayurivedic treatment. Beginning with a warm sesame seed oil foot massage, then a massage to the shoulders, neck and head., followed by 20 minutes of streaming warm Shirodhara oil over the forehead or yoga third eye position. The oil will flow through the hair and over the scalp as a wonderful conditioner.
This one-thousand-year-old treatment benefits memory, enhances blood flow to the brain, providing sounder sleep and a calmer mind and body. Shirodhra is one of the most effective treatments for reducing stress and nervous tension.
After the treatment your hair will be wrapped to remove excess oil while you are served an herbal tea and a light fruit or pastry. We recommend leaving the Shirodhra oil in your hair for the rest of the day so you might want to bring a head wrap or towel from home. This treatment is a heavenly gift for the ones you love or want to reward

Each - $125